Creating Space, not Just Fancy Caffeinated Beverages.

Sometimes, it is so good to be reminded --
that the job that I do every day --
the every-day routines that seem so mundane:
waking up before 6 --
washing lipstick off of mugs --
tamping down espresso --
making change --
it matters.

It's about more than getting people their caffeine
So that they de-zombify.
It's about more than getting a paycheck,
More than having a respectable job.

It's about creating a space
Where people feel safe
To walk in and answer honestly
When we ask: Hey, how're you doing?
It's about bringing people together
As they see each other over and over
So they start to see each other
And to ask questions.
What's your name?
What do you do?

It's about facilitating opportunities
For people to get to know each other
To let down their walls
To search.
To find.
To be found.


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