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Well, it has been a while.

But my friend Ria Faith has tagged me to answer a few questions!

So here goes.


The rules:
1. Give 5 facts about yourself. 
2. Nominate 5 other bloggers
3. Answer the blogger's questions
4. Display the sunshine banner! 

The five facts:
1)  I enjoy turbulence on airplanes.  (Incidentally, this means I'm a very bad person to fly with if you don't like it.)
2)  In college I was part of a re-enactment/swordfighting group, Dagorhir.  (This is important.  Just ask my China teammates.)
3)  I love deciduous trees.  (Does the fact that I've decided to embrace that make me a tree-hugger?)
4)  My worst grade in college was in my taiji class.  (It's still a sore subject.)
5)  Since graduating high school a little over six years ago, I've lived in 8-12 different spots, depending on how you count.

The answers:

1) Name one big thing you'd like to accomplish before you die.
Finish. writing. Eon.  This story that I started in high school turned into a massive project during college and has been alternately exasperating, intriguing, and consuming.  I'd love to get it to the point that I can say, "Here's the story."

2)  Who's your favorite actor/actress?
Benedict Cumberbatch probably qualifies as my favorite, given the fact that I watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy for him.

3)  What's your favorite type of music?
Whatever's on my most-played list.  ;-)  I'm not sure my favorite is any particular genre, but I tend to like more acoustic music with lyrics that tell a story.  I love the music of Josh Garrels, Mumford & Sons, and Jars of Clay.

4)  What's your favorite color?
Orange, of course.

5)  Are you a woodsy person or a city person?
Three years ago I would have told you that I hated cities.  Now, having lived in two pretty large ones in China, I know that is not true.  I enjoy living in cities and I love being in the woods.  I hate suburban sprawl.

The nominations:
1) CarpeBanana
2) Boots and Blossoms
3) these
4) could be
5) you!

Haha.  I guess I'm not much for nominations.

But here are my questions.

1) What's one thing that you learned in the past year that made you really pleased?
2) What's a quote or two that you want to define your life?
3) What is something you ask God?
4) If you could spend a week asking someone any questions that you wanted to, who would it be?  (Choose a human.  :-P)
5) What is a book that has been surprisingly influential in your life?


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