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Day Before Moving

I had a list of things I wanted to post about, but my ipod seems to have eaten that list.  I think I should forgive it -- it serves quite faithfully, all things considered. So here I am, posting about something else entirely. Like how I'm getting ready to move tomorrow.  I've been sad about it all week, despite the fact that I'm crazily excited about where I'm moving to.  (I've missed living in a university town.)  Saying goodbyes are rough, and yanking up roots and starting somewhere new is also hard. But it's been a good year, and I'm grateful for it. compilation from Thanksgiving Here's a few random highlights. Being around awesome people who helped me get through the transitioning from China-to-America thing.  Which means putting up with a lot of me reminiscing, ignoring them to talk to people on qq, and generally being slow about how life in America works. my "little" brother Ib   Travel.  Lots of trips to PA, a vacation with my family in

Tagged by the Sunshine Award

Well, it has been a while. But my friend Ria Faith has tagged me to answer a few questions! So here goes. The rules: 1. Give 5 facts about yourself.  2. Nominate 5 other bloggers 3. Answer the blogger's questions 4. Display the sunshine banner!   The five facts: 1)  I enjoy turbulence on airplanes.  (Incidentally, this means I'm a very bad person to fly with if you don't like it.) 2)  In college I was part of a re-enactment/swordfighting group, Dagorhir .  (This is important.  Just ask my China teammates.) 3)  I love deciduous trees.  (Does the fact that I've decided to embrace that make me a tree-hugger?) 4)  My worst grade in college was in my taiji class.  (It's still a sore subject.) 5)  Since graduating high school a little over six years ago, I've lived in 8-12 different spots, depending on how you count. The answers: 1) Name one big thing you'd like to accomplish before you die. Finish. writing. Eon.  This story that I started in high school turned i