I take a lot more pictures since I got an ipod touch.  It's easy to pull it out of my pocket and snap a shot. They aren't the best quality, but I like the assortment that accumulates over time; little pieces of my days that give a feel of how they go and what's important to me.

So here are a few.

Spices.  I love how the colors and textures blend even before we get to the taste and smells!

This.  Cracked me up.  I had to send it to some friends, reminiscing about the time we found opium scented candles in China.  

Wedding cake after David and Alexandra said their vows!

So.... mayyyyybe my sister Abbie knows me pretty well.  She brought this lovely glass clock back for me from Italy.  Please note: colorful.  Deciduous tree.  WIN.

Living somewhere flatter than PA leads to getting to see a lot of awesome skyscapes.  

Like mayyyyybe it's actually worth getting up before 5 to go to work so I get to see this sort of thing.

Also, I have awesome friends.  I asked for a quiz book... and I received.

So learning how to do henna-type doodling has been vaguely on my to-do list for a while now.  Sunday I realized that my shirt had designs on it, handy for the copying and playing with.


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