I met Amy during our first week at college, on a bus trip heading into Pittsburgh.  I got to know her better later because we had a lot of mutual friends.

I met Tyler during our junior year, I think; we were going on the same trip to Aliquippa.  He and Amy were maybe interested in each other and Amy asked me to keep an eye on him during the week and let her know what I thought of him.

I was impressed.

Today I went to their wedding.  It must have been nearly a year ago when Tyler sent me a message on facebook, asking if I expected to be back in America in October 2013.  Up until that point, I didn't think I had much committing me one way or another.  But I said yes.  I really wanted to be at their wedding.

When I think about either of them, my mind fills with memories -- evenings with Amy in Schoolhouse, talking about life; drives with Tyler around Aliquippa, too many quotes to record, having hot soup slosh all over me and wearing his spare rain pants for the evening.

There was a deep joy in seeing these friends who I love so much take vows to spend the rest of their lives loving and serving each other and God.

It's also a little crazy, and a bunch of us talked about that tonight.  Has it really been a year and a half since we graduated?  We sat at a table, chatting, eating, quiet; the reality all too close that when we left that room, we wouldn't be driving back to college, back to the life and place that we shared for four years.  We'd be scattering again, back to our separate lives that are happening in different states.

It was sweet to see everyone, to share stories and laughter.  It was bitter to say goodbyes and to feel distances that grow over time, to find that too many of our stories begin with remember when.  So, a lovely and bittersweet day.

The kind of day that makes me look forward to a day without goodbyes.

To the ultimate wedding feast.


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