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Kid Hotel

Showing a picture of my siblings to my students generally resulted in great reactions.  Faced with a situation that even many Americans feel awkward about responding to (“Boy, uh, your sister looks a little... darker than you...?") Chinese students often went the route of a confused series of glances between the pictures and me.
I know, we don't look much alike.
I wouldn't trade them for anything.
There are so many things that I love about my sibs, things that make me realize what an incredible blessing they have been in my life.  Having four siblings is stressful.  Being the oldest is stressful.
But I really wouldn't trade it for anything.
I thought about this today while AJ was driving me all over creation as we did crazy missions getting last minute gifts for Mom's birthday.
I thought about it when C was lounging on my bed, working on making the list that I was dictating to her, filling in categories of ways she could spend her free time.
I thought about it tonight wh…