Summer Update

...Because I know that time is always time
And place is always and only place
And what is actual is actual only for one time
And only for one place
I rejoice that things are as they are...
[from Ash-Wednesday, by T. S. Eliot]

So here is an update on this time in my life.

I graduated.  

It was a good last semester, filled with time with C1 and other friends, and we wished it could have been longer, but it couldn't.  So now we are learning how to live in "the real world" (what is college?  The Truman Show?) and figuring out what you do with friendships of that caliber when you all move apart.  It feels kind of good to be done, I guess, but mostly I'm sad to know that it is done.  I have a BA in Biblical Languages, and a BA in Cross-Cultural Studies, and a minor in philosophy.  I like it.  I am glad to be done with that.

My family moved.

That was sort of in process throughout a lot of the spring semester and I suppose it is still sort of in process, as the other house needs to go on the market and we have to get used to where we live now.  Pray for good transitions.  There's a lot to love in the new area, especially the property itself, which has a lot of lovely woods behind it.  I love trees.  *smile*

I'm going back to China.

I plan to be there for about a year this time.  (And yes, I am swinging between being happy -- hey, I have a job!  And it will be exciting and filled with a ton to learn! -- and thinking, What have I done?!?!?!?)  If you want to know more and you haven't already been listening to me talk about, leave me a comment.  Or email.  Or call.  I'd love to explain more about what I'll be doing.

All that being said, here's what my summer is actually looking like:

For the China end of things

  • I need to raise support to cover some of the costs; it works out to $1,400 a month.  So pray that God provides people willing to partner in this ministry by giving financially.  It kind of stresses me out. (This actually is being my biggest stress factor currently.)
  • I also have to do some assignments to start on my grad-level classes to receive TEFL certification.  (So much for being done with school, huh?)
  • I just generally will need to pack and figure out what is coming with me and what is staying in the US. It's interesting trying to condense a year's worth of stuff into a large suitcase and a backpack.  (To be fair, I could take two suitcases... but I'd rather leave myself the room to bring cool things back.)

I'm planning a trip out west.  Which I am phenomenally excited about.  Because I am going to get to see some awesome people... including a few who I've known online for oh, about seven years now?... and during that time, we've been all over the globe... so actually getting to see each other face to face?  Ecstatic is not quite a strong enough word.

I'm spending a lot of time with my family.  My next sister just finished her freshman year of college, crazy!  We've all gotten hooked on the BBC show Lark Rise to Candleford (which can be found on youtube).  Sometimes we sing song after song from musicals.

I'm writing a lot.  What began as a random scrap of story in junior high has morphed into a vast sprawling world of its own.  I enjoy writing a lot and seeing how things fit together, and trying to use that to gain perspective on the real world.

And there are always random other things to take care of, random situations to help sort through, and fun stuff like bobbin lace classes with a friend, or walking the dog, or... you know, life.

So on the days when everything seems to be like a lot to breathe around, I'm working on learning to rejoice that things are as they are -- because He's good.


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