Conversation with Dana

It is the loveliest dorm on campus, in my mind, and I was tired of studying poli sci, so I went there to see a friend and take a break.  She was on duty for the weekend so I figured that she'd be there.  Being friends with RAs can be like being friends with someone who's under house arrest; it is a real nuisance if you want to go somewhere with them, but it does tend to make them easier to find.

Anyway.  Fiona was there, but she was just about to go off to dinner, so I sat down on her floor and chatted with her until she was ready to leave and then I stood up, intending to head back to the library.  Her roommate, Dana, was still in the room and we kept half talking with each other -- the awkward kind of conversation that happens when one person is half trying to leave but not really in any hurry.

I ended up pulling out a chair and we sat and talked for a good while.  And it was good, and so unexpected.  We've vaguely known each other since sometime my junior year, and she has spent a lot of time with my group of girls, and we had talked some before, but it is always a lovely surprise to me when I end up having an excellent, thoughtful conversation with someone new.  It is like discovering a new author.  *smile*

That conversation though was a sort of picture of what these last two weeks feel like.   Good, but bittersweet because I am reminded that I am moving on from this place.  I won't be able to simply wander down from the library into McKee.  And I know that there will be other places and other people to have conversations with, I know that God provides, but -- and Dana was saying this when we talked -- I like the way things are.  I don't want God to have to provide something new.  It is hard.

It is hard to trust that what is, is enough.

And the conversation, which meandered down paths of friendships and stories from our lives, of Lord of the Rings and of perspective gained on past hard times and God's goodness, turned to our gladness in having been baptized as infants.  Of having been bound since we were born to the sure hope of the promise that God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good.


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