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Me and Inigo Montoya Should Be Best Friends

This has been an odd semester.  One that keeps reminding me that my plans are not the ultimate answer. I like making plans; they make me feel secure and balanced and knowledgeable.  I do not really enjoy when people ask me, "So, what will you be doing __________?" and I say, "Uh....I don't know yet."  Generally I mumble for a moment about potential ideas that I have.  And that's not bad, but I'm not a huge fan. So there I was in China last semester, realizing that I would be graduating in May if all went according to schedule, and that meant I would need something to do after  May.  Since presumably I could not just go into hibernation and vanish into thin air for a year until I was ready to think about grad school. So I made a plan and I thought that it was a rather good plan; I'd apply to CCO.  Then I could work with college students and do ministry, and I already had connections with the ministry program, and I like spending time with those people