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Zechariah 7:13

So, rather late/early here, I was working on my translation at the end of Zechariah 7 for Hebrew class tomorrow. And I ran across a verse that almost made me cry, made my heart break with the pain of what it means. And it happened as He declared, and they did not listen -- so they will call, and I will not hear, says Yahweh of the heavenly armies. [Zechariah 7:13] I can think of nothing more chilling. I can hardly even bear the thought of calling out when I need help and humans not hearing me. I cannot begin to comprehend calling out and God not hearing me. And He took this for me, too... So that I can come boldly to the very throne of God, and be heard.

Pride and Prayer

I don't like asking people for things. I don't generally mind when people ask me for things, but I really dislike having to ask someone to do something for me. This ranges from asking someone to swipe me in for a meal to admitting that I am sick (they might decide to check on me! gasp!) to... anything. It's a pride issue. It's an issue of my pride, to be honest. And I'm not proud of it (no pun intended; I didn't catch this till I published and read through), and I often don't fight it well. But yesterday I did ask someone to do something (which is as elaborate as I'm getting, because the actual request isn't the point. The relationship and response are). There were any number of factors in this decision, not least of all the fact that I was kind of in hot water already for not having asked when I should have before. I was writing about it this afternoon. (Anyone noticed that I process by... writing?) Another of the things which I noted as so