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Zechariah 2:4-5

I like the prophets. They're some of my favorite -- okay, probably my favorite -- section of the Bible. Which may be a bit odd. Oh well. Anyway, I've long been fond of Zechariah. Sure, he has some imagery which is hard to make heads or tales of -- but he also has some insanely beautiful language. Zechariah 14 captured my imagination especially. But that's not my point tonight. We're translating Zechariah in both Hebrew and Greek class this semester (easier to do in Greek, more beautiful by far in Hebrew). So here are the wonderful verses of the day. "Run, say to that young man, ‘Jerusalem shall be inhabited as villages without walls, because of the multitude of people and livestock in it. And I will be to her a wall of fire all around, declares the Lord, and I will be the glory in her midst.’” (Zech 2:4-5, ESV) Here's my class's translation: "Run, say to the young man, 'Jerusalem will be settled as the open country for sheer number of me