True Refuge and True Good

It seems that the psalms speak of God with great regularity as a refuge.  Today it was Psalm 142:5
I cry to you, O Yahweh
I say, "You are my refuge,
my portion in the land of the living."
That verse -- especially looking at it in both ESV and NLT -- brings a lot of things to mind.

You're my Hiding Place
Safe in Your embrace
I'm protected from the storm that rages
And when the waters rise
And I run to hide
It's in You I find my hiding place...
[Steven Curtis Chapman]

There are sooo many false things advertised as a safe hiding place.  Home.  Scholarships.  College.  Friends.  Money.  Power.  Status.  Country.  Having a boyfriend (or girlfriend).  Having a husband (or wife).  A job.  Even church.

A lot of these things are good things -- truly good, blessings from God.  But they are not EVER to be our refuge.  They all have storms of their own, they are all part of a fallen world.  Even all God's blessings to us are NOT our inheritance -- not even on this earth!!  GOD is our portion, our exceedingly great reward.

And I -- I want that to truly be all I am concerned with.  Sure, I want to enjoy the material blessings as well.  My time and chance at college.  Being healthy.  Christmas.  The little things, like joking around with Ahndrew.

But far, FAR too often...
I can't see the sun for the daylight
Can't feel Your breath for the wind... [Jars of Clay]
I get SO caught up in all the glorious greatness of what You have for me now that I get off-track of looking at You!

I am so sorry.

I have wasted a lot of time.

Please help me.  To know You better.  To live for You passionately and continually.


[Written 12.24.08 about 12.23.08's devos.  It's been interesting (but not surprising) how often, as I write about what I read, that turns into a prayer.]


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